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In a never ending effort to utilize the latest technology to reach to world, we know that some businesses and private donors may want to donate exact items rather than sponsor monetarily. Therefore, we are providing a list of equipment that will help our ministry further our reach for those wishing to help supply those needs.


2 Bose L1 Model II, Bose LI Compact
3 Wireless Guitar Systems (Shure – Sennheiser – Carvin quality)
3 Wireless Lavalier Systems (Shure – Sennheiser – Carvin quality)
Video Projector (1100 Lumens or more with HDMI)
Media Shout Software (Version 6 is standard at time of this publication)
Portable Video Screen (70”-100”) and Stand
Laptop (8-16gig 1TB HD) Windows machine
Fuel Cards of any denomination (helps with travel expenses)
Visa/Mastercard Gift Cards (helps with travel expenses)
Gift Cards to Major Retailers (helps with day to day expenses as well as travel)
Gift Cards to Major Restaurants (helps with day to day expenses as well as travel)
Tires (please contact for exact sizes)
Oil Change Certificates
Travel or Motel Vouchers
Sky Miles

The list will grow as we go



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