Thank you for considering the ministry of Roger Barkley Jr to your community. We are grateful for every opportunity to share the light, life, and love of Jesus Christ.
As you prayerfully consider your invitation, please review the information below. Please read carefully as it will prove helpful to you. It is for information purposes only and is in no way a confirmation that Roger Barkley Jr is scheduled for a service of any type.

The arrangements and policies outlined below are acceptable to you and are agreed upon unless otherwise negotiated. Any modifications made to these arrangements and policies must be specifically agreed to in writing by Roger Barkley Jr. Thank you again for your kind consideration.

Compensation Policy

And in the same house remain, eating and drinking such things as they give: for the laborer is worthy of his hire. Go not from house to house. (Luke 10:7)

There are a number of Biblical principles that could be applicable to all who “labor” for the Lord. Two general principles found here is:
1) A laborer is not to go begging for support “from house to house,” but is free to accept such help as is offered.
2) Those who are called to full-time service for the Lord are worthy of support by those they serve.

Just as planning is done for visitation, prayer schedules, and preparations for other functions and special services, thought should be given to an evangelist’s travel expenses, personal remuneration, meal expenses and other costs involved.

We must nurture the evangelistic ministry. God gave it as a gift to the body of Christ. We need men and women who can visit congregations with a fresh voice of faith and a spiritual anointing that will stir the saints and convict the sinners. In order for them to continue to fill this role, pastors and churches must take to heart the real needs of those who are willing to make huge sacrifices to be available. That is not a lack of faith in God, just good communication – and wisdom.

God expects us to be good stewards of our time and our finances. If we want the evangelistic ministry to continue among us, we need to nurture it with sufficient compensation. Paying an evangelist well is an investment – not an expense.

Financial Requirements

o For concert-type events where tickets are sold or there is a charge for admission otherwise, a flat rate is required.
o For commercial sponsored and privately funded events where there is no admission charge and no offering will be received, a flat rate is required.
o For revivals, a minimal fee, plus a love offering for each service is required.
o For a Sunday morning or evening worship service, a love offering is requested.
o For two or more Sunday services, a love offering for each service is requested, or a flat fee may be agreed upon prior to the scheduled services.
o For afternoon or “all-day” Sunday Homecoming services, a minimal fee, plus a love offering for each service is required.

It is requested that offerings be combined into a single check in U.S. funds made payable to Roger Barkley Jr and delivered to them prior to their departure from the event.

Travel Arrangements / Hotel Accommodations

In most cases, air travel and hotel accommodations are not necessary nor required. Depending on the demands of the ministry schedule, however, there are exceptions. In such cases deemed necessary, round trip air accommodations, hotel accommodations must be provided in addition to the agreed-upon compensation.

Roger Barkley Jr travels with 3-4 people in their team. Therefore, air travel and hotel arrangements must be provided as such.


Meal provision / meal expense reimbursement is not requested but will be accepted if offered. One way to defer costs is to have a fellowship meal following service. This will also help to minister to people as well as increase attendance for the event.

Product Sales / Display

An appropriate place within every venue to display and sell, CDs, videos and other ministry-related products is required. The space allotted for this must accommodate at least a 6-foot table and be conveniently accessible to the public.

We expect that all checks for materials be made payable to Roger Barkley Jr and that all cash and credit card sales go directly to Roger Barkley Jr, as well. We expect that no monies will be withheld from the sale of Roger Barkley Jr product for any reason.

Arrival / Set-up

Access to the sanctuary or auditorium at least 2 hours before service time is requested for set-up and sound check. For early morning worship services, it may be necessary to access the building the evening prior. To allow timely set-up and adequate soundcheck, it is requested that no one is in the sanctuary during this time.

Promotional Materials

Biographies, photographs, flyers and music CDs will be provided for promotional purposes. Prayer, preparation and promotion are the key elements to help ensure a successful event. As your budget allows, it is important to use every possible means of advertising – radio, newspaper, flyer distribution, internet, and television. (All advertising can be produced by Roger Barkley Jr / Barkley Music & Media and is available upon request in multiple types of downloadable media.)

Include an announcement in your church bulletin and announce it from the pulpit in the weeks prior to the event. Invite other churches and generate interest and excitement in your community. Generally, the response from your congregation is greatly influenced by the enthusiasm and interest you display.