As we clean up from Christmas and look toward a new beginning, I can’t help but wonder about the day after. When everything got quiet. When the shepherds went back to the fields. When town folks started going home….. what then??? When the baby finally went to sleep Joseph and Mary maybe got a little rest. Or maybe they just sat there and looked at the gift given to them and the charge was given them to watch over him as he grew into a man. Maybe Joseph went out and looked for a few odd jobs while they lay sleeping knowing that now there were 3 instead of 2 to feed. We can maybe all day until we get our new mind and body. The fact is he came and people must know. As we go into 2022, let’s continue telling of what He has done for us and focus on the positive. There is enough negative in the world already. If it is a fact that negativity breeds negativity common sense should tell us that it should be a fact that positivity should breed positivity as well. What could be more positive than the Savior of all humankind? I choose to Pray It Forward throughout the day and Stand on Holy Ground.

Hope to see yall Soon

Roger Barkley Jr